• The Best Sports to Bet On, And How to Win

    Posted on July 24th, 2017 Roger No comments

    Reality is, not all sports carry the same level of risk in betting. There are some sports that are easier to predict than others. Unfortunately, the sports that are easier to predict have the lowers odds. These are some of the sports that are easier to win in, and how you can win at each of them.


    Football, or soccer, is among the most popular betting markets in betting sites. There are two reasons why betting on football outcomes is relatively easy. One is that there is a lot of information available online for the teams that are playing. That means you will know what chances each outcome stands in a good or close estimation. Team history and head to head records going back decades are available, and you should be able to take advantage of that. Football is also a big market, so there are many tipsters who have good analysis at times of the game. Sites like Bettingstar have great tips for beginners, so it’s worth doing some research.


    The other big market is in track events. The thing with track events is that they are mainly individual-based. That means that there are events that are dominated by a clique of athletes. The marathon is mostly dominated by Kenyans and Ethiopians, and the short races by Americans and Jamaicans. The odds on athletes from dominant countries will be small but if you add them up they will be a big potential wining. Another tip when betting on track events is to look out for upsets. Upsets usually have higher odds. Look for information on the team’s preparations and the general importance of the event to the athlete, because at times master athletes do use some events as training and trials for bigger events, and therefore will not be as dedicated to win as they might ordinarily be.

    With football and track events, there are better chances of winning, again, it is all about research and derivations from that research.