• Most Charming Online Games 2014

    Posted on September 5th, 2014 Madilyn Eichmann No comments

    At a loose end and looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon? These winsomely pleasing online games can be played right now. Best of all they need no downloading!Neopets Hasee BounceI admit it, Hasee Bounce is my favorite flash game of all. This game involves cute creatures dodging flying dung and eating imaginary fruit. It can get no better.Super Adventure PalsA villain only known as Mr. B has stolen your pet rock. Travel the land and battle monsters to save your beloved pet! You’re never alone with a Giraffe for company.Super Mario 63A fan-inspired game based on the original Mario Bros. games, this game is really quite good. Nostalgic, Flash, and free.Normal CatYou play a flying cat’s head which must eat fish in order to grow a body. It’s normal, and it’s a cat – or at least it wants to be. Surprisingly cute and addictive!CloudstoneFor those of you looking for something a bit bigger, how about an adventure game on a floating island? Discover new lands and experience a wickedly intricate character customisation involving hundreds of options.Happy gaming!