• Gambling Laws in the European Union

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    Any company wishing to set up a casino website to do business in Europe needs to keep some points in mind. Firstly, the European Union (EU) is a single entity for many types of business. However, each EU state is empowered to make its own laws with regard to gambling and betting.

    So, while the Internet reach is great, how can the problems of different national laws be overcome? Fortunately, most of Europe uses a single currency, the Euro. But with different laws operating in different states, this means that each EU country is an individual entity. This means a customised approach to each one. That means a separate website and different rules and bonuses, depending on what works in each country. The European Gambling and Betting Association(EGBA) is a decade-old organisation trying to bring about regulations and uniformity in betting and gambling in the EU. The organisation is growing slowly and going in the right direction.

    Different Online Gambling Jurisdictions In Europe

    Within Europe, there are several online gambling jurisdictions. These include Alderney, the Isle of Man (IOM), Gibraltar and Malta. Now with Brexit, it seems that the UK, formerly a part of the EU will also be making a separate gambling jurisdiction. Alderney, IOM and Gibraltar are all under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Although one might think its influence on the gaming industry partial, Malta, the archipelago Mediterranean state, is an EU country with full member status. And legal Malta has a sizable gaming industry with a gambling jurisdiction of its own.

    Setting up a Casino Site in Europe

    Any gaming company setting up for business in Europe must study the laws. They should be advised by corporate lawyers with expertise in EU law. They should find the countries which will suit their style and concentrate on those. If they wish to operate in several countries, they might decide on a group of countries situated geographically close to each other, to make operations feasible and economic. And that, hopefully, is the way forward.